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We offer recreational classes in Musical Theatre, Dance, Acting, Singing and Acro as well as a Competitive dance program. Each KidSing class teaches elements and skills that inspire CREATIVITY and boost CONFIDENCE. Our program also focuses on KINDNESS and LEADERSHIP, and these values are encouraged throughout our curriculum.

(See Class Schedules for dates and times available for each program in your area.)

Little KidSing 2017.jpg
Little KidSing

This class is designed for 3 and 4 year olds and explores imagination and creative play through song and dance. Students will develop basic dance movements and vocal expression through sing-a-long vocals. Additionally they will engage in group activities that encourage them to use their imaginations and promote kindness through cooperation.

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Little Dancers

This class is designed for 3 and 4 year olds who want to learn to dance! Using imagination and creative play, students will begin to develop the basics of dance technique.

Musical Theatre

This program is the perfect starting off point for the child who loves all aspects of performing! Students will be introduced to all three elements of musical theatre: singing, acting and dancing. We offer 4 levels based on age and experience beginning with kindergarten. With each level, the curriculum of dance, vocals and acting becomes broader and more intensive.

  • Dance: Movement and performance in the style of musical theatre

  • Vocals: Chorus singing, proper vocal warm up and vocal confidence

  • Acting: Characterization and stage confidence

  • Kindness: Empathy - thinking of other's feelings

comp dance 2017.jpg

This program is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle through cardiovascular activity and focuses on developing balance, flexibility, strength and creative development. We offer both a recreational and competitive dance program. Our program combines multiple genres of dance including Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and more. We also offer training in choreography and creation. We are very proud to offer the competitive program to any student interested with no tryouts required. We believe all students should have the opportunity to compete if they choose to do so. The student placement in each level is based on age and experience. At KidSing, we encourage teamwork, dedication and fun!

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Our Acting program focuses on basic acting techniques such as vocal projection, articulation, emotion identification, character development and scene work. Students will not only be instructed in acting, but will also gain knowledge of the theatre. Our program is designed to enhance students' presentation and interpersonal skills while encouraging critical and creative thinking, thereby boosting confidence both on and off the stage.

Vocals 2017.jpg

This class is designed for students who want to learn to be better singers! From working on choral singing and group harmonies, to individual vocal techniques, this class is great for improving your singing while meeting new people and making friends. Our classes are designed for students to gain vocal confidence and music appreciation. Creative thinking and writing are developed and encouraged. Vocal students will be not only be able to perform in our KidSing productions, but we also encourage them to participate in opportunities to perform with KidSing in the community such as nursing homes and fund raising activities like the Empty Stocking Fund.

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This program is designed for the child who is interested in learning acrobatic skills. It has also become a wonderful complement to our dance program as many of the skills are integrated into our dance routines. This program is currently available in the KV area. Acro is a challenging sport that requires the use of all muscle groups. It also provides the discipline the students need to be successful in life. Students will learn a variety of acrobatic skills such as summersaults, cartwheels, back walk overs and handsprings. Each child has the opportunity to progress at their own pace.

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