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A Message from Casey Yerxa
Owner / Artistic Director


"In keeping with our mission statement, since our inception in 2000, KidSing has helped to instill confidence and creativity in over 10,000 children. We strive to improve children’s self-esteem through creative growth, social interaction and community involvement. The role of our teachers is to ensure that each child feels safe and nurtured while learning important life skills such as presentation, collaboration and leadership.


Our curriculums are developed to create an environment of learning and fun. At KidSing, we believe that childhood should be a charmed period of life. The special memories that are created during this period are the ones that will help them grow. Children are more awake, alert and aware when they can play and as teachers, we must present new ideas and challenges to help our students learn and develop. All lesson plans are designed to encourage independent thinking through imagination and play."

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