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Describe your KidSing experience:

"KidSing is a great opportunity for kids to express themselves and gain confidence. My daughter really enjoyed this program both through the year and at summer camp." Karent Scott, Fredericton, NB


"My daughter loved every minute of her camp. It was educational and interactive. She loved learning new dance moves and putting on a show at the end of her week. This is definitely a program I would recommend to any parent!" Cherie Eld, Dartmouth, NS


"What a wonderful progam for our little people…not only did she have a blast dancing, singing learning routines; she learned very important life lessons, values etc…having confidence, sharing, encouraging others, etc. So happy to hear that there is a fall/ winter session in our area!!!" Jaime Lavers, Dartmouth, NS


"KidSing is a great way for shy kids to learn how much fun it can be to come out of their shells a bit! Our 5 year old now sings all the time, and I love it!" Marnie Ells, Lower Sackville, NS


"She couldn't wait for me to see what she had learned. I could tell she was so proud of herself, having so much fun, being part of the group she was GLOWING! I love that Kidsing encourages important qualities like leadership, teamwork etc. Can't say enough good things about it." Abi Reinhart, Saint John, NB


"My daughter has always loved to sing and dance, but would often get timid when it's time to perform. After her week at KidSing summer camp, she has no fear and is now putting on shows wherever we go!" Rebecca Correia, Quispamsis, NB


“It is so nice to be around people who are like me, us actors are all similar personalities and everyone is so friendly and just gets each other." Rebecca, age 13, Quispamsis, NB


"I really like KidSing, it's really good and you can go there and have fun and you'll do lots of fun dances!" Presley, age 5, New Maryland, NB


"KidSing is an exceptionally thoughtful program that fosters friendship and confidence through the celebration of music and dance. I would recommend this program to anyone who loves to have fun!" Martha Maloney, (mother of Presley), New Maryland, NB


"For two summers in a row my girls attended 1/2 day camp & they loved it!  They said it was "AWESOME".. we'll be back next year." Andrea Glenn, Hammonds Plains, NS


"My daughter would not stop raving about her time at KidSing camp. Even after the week was over, she was still practicing her dance routines in the living room." Tyle McGrath, New Maryland, NB


“Awesome camp. Very organized - easy sign up program and communication to parents is perfect. We will be back next summer for sure!” Suzanne Dionne, Quispamsis, NB


“I loved everything about KidSing, the singing, acting and the dancing and helping to get ready for the showcase. We all took part and helped out.” Sadie Flagg, age 8, Fredericton, NB


“KidSing camp is the only camp my daughter was interested in this summer. Before we left she was asking if she could come back to another camp.” Marnie Ells, Lower Sackville, NS


“I love KidSing camp. It’s where you can learn to sing, dance, and act. It’s that (*stretches arms behind her back*) much fun. I love, love, love, love it.” Adelaide Lin, 7 years old, Quispamsis, NB


“We love KidSing because she loves it. There’s always good camp themes to pick from – music or musical that’s popular with her age group. She thinks she’s there just to have fun and learn to perform, but she doesn’t realize that she’s learning and experiencing a lot more (e.g., social skills, increasing confidence, physical coordination, etc., etc.). It really is a great program!” Lilli Lin, Quispamsis, NB


"My daughter loved the half day week camp. She made new friends and all the counselors we encouraging and polite. Kidsing has grown drastically in Fredericton and I would recommend it to anyone." Brianne Phillips, Fredericton, NB


“Quite simply: It was awesome!  This was both of my daughter’s first experience with KIDSING and they loved it.  The counselors are friendly and welcoming.  The week-end showcase is adorable.  We will be enrolling again.” Afton Lavigne, Fredericton, NB


“KidSing is helping my son come out of his shell and be more confident. I see him being less shy and even wanting to show off his "skills" when we have company in our home. The performer in him is coming out as well as his ability to speak for himself and interact more with other kids as well as adults.” Renee French, Quispamsis, NB


“Sawyer Mae loves KidSing and its talented & dedicated instructors!  It was an amazing experience that she is still talking about and she is very much looking forward to the fall session!” Salisha Lyons, Saint John, NB


“She didn’t know anyone when she joined but in the end she had 29 new friends!” Jennie Jacobson, Fredericton, NB


"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her first KidSing experience. When we registered it was intended to be an introduction to music and dance but what we got out of it was so much more, I saw my daughter’s confidence grow so much in only 1 week. Thank you KidSing for providing a fun and safe environment for young children to grow!" Erin Blanchard, Fredericton, NB


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