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What is Competitive Dance?

Competitive Dance is a program for children who are interested in additional dance training and classes. Each interested dancer is placed on a dance team (troupe) based on age and experience and given the opportunity to perform in a competitive setting.


At KidSing, we allow all children who are interested in competing the opportunity to do so and we are very proud that we do not hold try outs for our program and offer competitive training in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.  (Currently only available in Quispamsis, NB)

Benefits of Competitive Program

Our competitive program is based on the values of hard work, passion and creativity. We are very proud to offer a competitive training program while continuing the KidSing values of inclusion, fun and hard work. Competitive dance is a commitment but it’s known to be one of the highlight of our student’s KidSing experience.


My child would like to join, how do we start?

Summer Camps: Our training begins in the summer months where the dancers begin to learn routines for the upcoming competitive year. Beginner level camps focus on technique. Your child would attend competitive summer camps for intensive training for their current level and then continue training in the fall with dance classes. Click here to see camp schedule.


Classes: Competitive Dance students will attend various dance classes throughout the year which cover technique, creativity and choreography. Beginner students can work their way up to this and can start with one or two weekly class depending on what camps they attend. As a student progresses, it is beneficial to take advantage of our KidSing for Life rate which includes unlimited classes. Please contact our office to determine which camps and classes are the best fit for your child. Click here to see class schedule.


What troupe would my child be in?

Our troupes are organized by dance levels and based on age and experience. We have beginner levels, junior, intermediate and senior. New students would typically begin at the beginner or junior level depending on their age and experience.



Each year KidSing attends “Dance Quest”, a big competition that takes place at Harbour Station in November. We attend a second competition in May or June, typically “Take the Stage” in Fredericton and/or “Dance Quest Ultimate” in Saint John.


Solos and Duos

Students in KidSing are permitted to compete a solo or duo, if interested, when teachers think they are ready. They will be assigned a choreographer. This choreographer will be responsible to schedule private sessions with their student to teach the choreography.  The teacher will decide on music and style. Fees for private lessons are over and above tuition fees.


Financial Commitment

  • Classes: Intermediate and Senior dancers are encouraged to attend at least 3 weekly classes. Click here for pricing.

  • Summer Camps: Attendance at the competitive summer camps is crucial to prepare for the Dance Quest competition. The cost for one week of summer camp is $200 and dancers are encouraged to attend at least 2 summer camps. 

  • Costume Fees:  Every dance that is entered at competition will require a costume. Costume fees typically cost $80-$100.

  • Competition Fees:  All competitions such as Dance Quest charge each dancer a registration fee and entry fees per dance. Again, the total depends on how many dances the student is in. KidSing charges a small administration fee.

  • Private Lessons:  If the student is entering any solos or duos in the competition, this will require private lessons with one of our instructors. Time for these lessons is billed privately to the family by the instructor.



Please feel free to contact our office weekdays (506) 847-3363 if you have any additional questions.

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